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Nashville, Tennessee


With bellies full of super delicious BBQ, we walked through town and listened to some amazing bands

My favorite was The 5 Spot

After an evening in Nashville and my first breakfast at a Waffle House, we hit the road for Memphis

Our first stop in Memphis was for barbeque at The Bar-B-Q Shop, the best BBQ I’ve ever had. Thanks for the tip, guy at The 5 Spot!

I’m not a huge fan of Elvis Presley but visiting Graceland was extremely fascinating. Well worth the trip, fan or not.

A stop at the legendary Sun Records was a must before we continued on our journey.

Previously… Last Moments in New York City

west virginia/ohio/kentucky

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The only photo I took in West Virginia

They were delicious

And with that, we leave Ohio

Driving into Louisville, KY

Walked into Nachbar to find an awesome 14 piece band playing

We were pleasantly surprised by how amazing our stay in Louisville was. People there were so friendly and there were a lot of unique businesses, a nice break from the usual truck-stops

…and in the 2,905 miles traveled, there were a lot of truck-stops

Previously… Last Moments in New York City


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Centralia, PA

After a brief stop in Staten Island for ‘one last slice of NYC pizza’ at Denino’s, we headed for Pennsylvania. I’ve long wanted to go to Centralia, a near ghost town due to an out-of-control underground mine fire. After reading about the town’s history, it was amazing to see in person.

“Want me to pose?”

Central Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, PA
June 16, 2013

This was my first time visiting Pittsburgh, I really loved it. We played pinball, listened to some music and went to Gooski’s, which reminded me of the defunct Mars Bar. Super cool and laid back city, which was really refreshing after the long drive from New York.


last moments in nyc

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Coney Island, Brooklyn
May 2013

Before Leaving New York City for San Francisco, I wanted to visit places that meant the most to me over the years. It wasn’t difficult to choose because most of my haunts had been closed down and replaced with banks, condos or fro-yo shops. Astroland was my favorite place in NYC before it closed in 2008. This photo is of the Astrotower, the last remaining piece of Astroland. It was taken down shortly after I left.

Corona, Queens
June 2013

I can’t say enough about Corona, so I’m not going to try. My friend and I grabbed some Italian ice and watched young and old gents play bocce.

Ray’s Candy Store
New York, NY
June 2013

I wanted to spend my last evening in NYC at Dark Odessa, That little patch of Avenue A is one of my favorites in Manhattan. Odessa was quiet refuge from the increasingly popular East Village, Ray’s (next door) was the place I’d often meet up with Bob and where I’d always be welcomed by Ray himself and a collection of other characters that passed through. Odessa was fairly empty, as usual, and we had the place to ourselves. I had a smidgen of pistachio ice cream at Ray’s and hung out with friends until my boyfriend neared Brooklyn from his cross-country road trip. I hopped in a cab to meet him, extremely grateful for the time I spent in NYC but excited and relieved to be returning to the west coast.

the big south

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Road trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles
Big Sur, California
March 2013

road tripping days 9 & 10: portland to san francisco

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Northern California
December 2012

Through the Redwood forest via Avenue of the Giants

Ten days later, back in San Francisco!

road tripping days 7 & 8: portland, oregon

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One of the best western outfitting stores around!

Mount Hood

Downtown Portland from the Burnside Bridge

Just a regular morning in Portland…

Portland, OR
December 2012

road tripping days three-six: seattle/port angeles/seattle

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Ediz Hook
Port Angeles, WA

Home for the Holidays
Port Angeles, WA

My Dad! He taught me everything I know about photography.
Port Angeles, WA

Port Angeles, WA

Port Angeles, WA
December 2012

Ferry back to Seattle, WA

…and back on the road to Portland, OR

road tripping day two: redding to seattle

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continuation of ‘road tripping days one/two

If there wasn’t snow on the ground, there were cows
Grenada, California

Hilt, California

Crossing the California/Oregon Border

Steinman, Oregon

Ashland, Oregon

and by the end of the day: Seattle, Washington

road tripping: days one and two

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One driver, one passenger and one doggie travel California, Oregon, Washington and back in ten days.

San Francisco, California

Day One: San Francisco to Redding
Hercules, California

Unexpected I5 snow closure= evening in Redding, California

Along Interstate 5, Northern California

Mount Shasta

Coffee stop in Weed, CA

Along I5 before the Oregon border

Single Linds Reflex Photoblography